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Eco-Friendly Environment

As a school, we are committed to respecting our resources, reducing our footprint on the planet, and we encourage our students to use ecologically sound principles both in and outside of the classroom. 

From the school’s inception in 1968, nature and the environment have been core aspects of our curriculum, philosophy and daily practices. Children are encouraged to take note of the variety of plant and animal life that surrounds them, and to treat them with respect. We recycle in our classrooms and our children are taught to respect their work and not to waste paper and other supplies.


Eco-Friendly  Eco-Friendly  Eco-Friendly


This emphasis on nature and the environment includes the school lunch program, where we serve fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and we reduce packaging by preparing all children’s meals and snacks. Students and teachers enjoy their meals with reusable plates, cutlery and cups—and disposable plastic water bottles are forbidden on all campuses. Our food waste is minimal and is turned into compost for our campus gardens.

To help promote the health of our students and staff, we have installed a high-quality water filtration system at all three of our campuses, so that everyone can enjoy filtered water that is free from chlorine and other chemicals.