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Unique Environment

Inspiring Spaces Adorned by Cultural Beauty

As they walk through the campuses, many parents are surprised by the cultural beauty of the environment and the décor. Reflecting our philosophy of inspiring the whole child, we create and honor cultural beauty in our classrooms and spaces.

Classrooms, gathering places and common areas are lovingly decorated with Persian rugs, antique furniture, paintings, and art objects.  Children are taught to respect the care and craftsmanship put into these beautiful environments, so that they in turn come to appreciate and take care of their school.

Video games, television and other artificial means of entertainment are forbidden on all campuses. Instead, children are encouraged to more fully connect with their humanity through wooden, carved and hand-painted toys and objects from various cultures and periods of history.


Cultural Beauty  Cultural Beauty  Cultural Beauty


To honor the power and beauty of the artist within all of us, we have created hand-painted murals based on imagery and mythologies from various cultures.  These murals, as well as the artful treatment of everyday objects throughout our campuses inspire our children daily with beauty.