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Unique Environment

Learning to Experience and Respect
All Sentient Beings

The animals on our grounds represent our appreciation and reverence for all living beings. Although they are enclosed in generously sized fences and in aviaries, the animals are humanely treated with care and respect. Children have the opportunity to observe the daily habits and expressions of the various animals on site: goats, llamas, pigs, swans, chickens, rabbits, peacocks, to name a few.

On their way to class or during recess, the students can take in all the many ways animals move, eat, show affection, and communicate. This is especially important for children who show a keen interest in zoology and biology or for students who simply love communicating and giving affection to animals. The way the animals are treated, both by our staff and by local veterinarians, demonstrates to our students the proper and responsible caring of animals.


Anneliese's Animals  Anneliese's Animals  Anneliese's Animals


The animals are also incorporated into our science and art curriculum. Students will often engage in life drawing lessons of the animals, or our toddlers will make "visits" to the animals for mini biology lessons. All of our animals have names and become part of the children's daily life at school.