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Unique Environment

Conscious Spaces That Celebrate
A Child’s Spirit

Our philosophy is articulately expressed and profoundly experienced in the architecture and physical layout of our schools. Each classroom, every choice of furniture, our outdoor play and garden spaces--even details like Persian carpets, vases, flowers and supplies--reflect a conscious theory of the developing child.

We believe that our schools are a visual testimony to the humanity and sensitivity of children. They are places where the imagination is quickened and the spirit of creativity and artistry is celebrated. Every day and in every environment, we seek to exemplify beauty and inspire children to appreciate it. When they come to our schools, children and grown ups alike feel welcomed in their full, colorful, multi-lingual humanity.

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Gardening Farm to Table Recess
Gardening and
The Beauty of Nature
The “Farm to School
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An Eco-Friendly
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A Respectful
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