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Connecting Classroom Learning
to Real-World Experiences

We view field-trips as an integral part of your child’s curriculum and learning.  For this reason, we put thought and effort into planning field-trips that will make connections between classroom learning and vibrant, meaningful,
real-world experiences.  Because Grade School field-trips are part of the curriculum, field-trip attendance is not optional; all students are required to participate.  Please check your child’s cubby or homework packet for permission slips.  It is required that permission and payment be submitted
at least one day prior to the fieldtrip in order for your child to attend.

Code of Conduct for Fieldtrips
Visitors often form a lasting impression of our School community by our behavior on fieldtrips, and therefore it is important our students hold themselves with dignity and reflect our School values.  We hold students
to the same behavioral standards as we do at School.

Teachers accompany their students on fieldtrips, and are in charge of both students and parent chaperones.  Each class will have a number of parent chaperones, and each chaperone will be assigned to supervise a number of designated children, under the teacher’s guidance.  We ask that chaperones please attend to their group equally and fairly, without coddling their own children.  All children will bring their own lunches on field trips, unless otherwise stated.  Because field trips are connected to a specific curriculum, we cannot allow siblings to accompany students on fieldtrips.

During field trips, teachers are in “teaching mode,” and are not available to discuss children’s academic performance.

Game-Boys, I-pods, or other electronic equipment are not part of our learning values, and therefore must be left at home, including during field trips.

Field Trip Lunches
Anneliese Schools stresses an awareness of our Earth, its limited resources, and the need for children to take care of it.  Therefore, it is important that when children go on fieldtrips, they reflect this value in the lunches they bring with them.  We ask that you follow our guidelines when preparing field-trip lunches.

  • Food/Drink Guidelines:
    • We do allow children to bring water in reusable thermos/containers, but not plastic water bottles.
    • Lunches should be healthy and balanced
    • A homemade sandwich
    • Fruit and vegetables
    • Minimal sweets
    • No nut products (no peanut butter, no nuts,
      no foods cooked in or containing peanut oil)
  • Packaging Guidelines:
    • Pack lunch in a reusable sack or lunchbox
    • Pack snacks in a reusable containers
    • Send drinks in a reusable metal or
      polycarbonate-plastic bottle
  • No candy, sodas, or “Lunchables”

Please do not pack excessive quantities of food. Ideally, there should
be no left over food at the end of the day.