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Fanning the Flame of Excitement
for History and Societies

Social Studies is more than the study of dates, time-lines and significant events. It is the study that chronicles the cultural, moral and civic development of societies over time. At Anneliese Schools, we favor a thematic approach to Social Studies, where Art, Foreign Language, Geography, Science, Mathematics and Literature are all integrated with the socio-historical topic at hand and studied in an in-depth manner.

Guided by, but not limited to a Social Studies textbook, we encourage teachers to make their own connections with the material, and expand on thematic units with particular appeal to their class. Hand-made journals that combine writing, drawing, and collage are an excellent way to record students’ work in a particular unit, while writing letters, theater, classroom fairs and field trips enliven students’ experience.  Fundamentally, it is our experience that if the children get excited about a certain theme in Social Studies, the teacher can fan the flame of this excitement by building a rich, in-depth unit around that theme.