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Connecting Math to Meaningful,
Every Day Situations

From the inception of Anneliese Schools in 1968, a strong value has been placed on mathematical reasoning and calculation skills.  Our practice of teaching mental math in morning circles underscores this value: we have always desired that children learn to think in numbers and calculate a variety of problems in their heads.  We believe that early exposure to simple mathematical principles and exercises are crucial in laying the foundation for later mathematical curiosity and ease.

We use a rigorous, scientifically research-based curriculum designed to give each one of our students an excellent grasp of Mathematics, from the basics to higher-order thinking and problem solving.  We use curriculum materials that cover a broad range of mathematical concepts, including data and probability, geometry and spatial sense, measures and measurement, algebra and uses of variables.  This program connects math lessons to meaningful, every-day situations, and provides lots of math games to stimulate learning and retention.