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A Powerful Venue to Build Community
and Experience Values

The academic school day commences with Circle. Circle is a powerful time for us to build community, solve social conflicts and discuss school values.  Circle draws from Foreign Language, Music, Mental Mathematics, Psychology, Language Arts, and Drama.  The teacher orchestrates a collective learning experience that involves problem solving, and group call-and-response experiences.  Children learn Foreign Languages through songs, games and repetition exercises, and are given opportunities to discuss issues through role-play of potential scenarios, led by the teacher.

Many ages are involved in Circle, allowing younger children to observe and listen to older children, older children to care for and nurture younger children, and for teachers to reinforce good behavior and additional learning.  Students are encouraged to partake in discussions dealing with various daily conflicts that require sensitive and intelligent solutions.

In order to avoid disrupting Circle, we ask that you make sure that your child arrives to school on time.

German Math Movie (Quicktime - 863K)
Japanese Language Movie (Quicktime - 2049K)
Spanish Language Movie (Quicktime - 890k)