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Afternoon Enrichment with a Variety of Exciting Explorations

The Afternoon Enrichment Program follows the academic day, and continues until closing Circle.  Classes last between one to one-and-a-half hours, and vary daily.  Activities include: Cooking, Music, Art, Foreign Language, Gardening, Drama, Sports, and Crafts.  Sign-up is required for classes working on long-term projects.

The Afternoon Enrichment Program provides children with a variety of exploratory learning activities to stimulate their minds, and opportunities to engage in social interactions and physical activity.  Staying for the afternoon gives children a sense of connection to the school community and environment.  The Afternoon Program is also a healthy opportunity for children to socialize and befriend students from other classes and grades that they may not see during the school day.

We encourage parents not to over-schedule a children’s after-school life, but rather to allow them play time to provide a sense of freedom.  Children need space and time to get to know themselves, cultivate their own likes and dislikes, and to meet their own inner creativity and imagination.  Therefore, we encourage children to choose a class, based on their interest in the options that are available.

Parents are asked to respect the structure of the Afternoon Program, and the quality of the planned activity by picking up children either before or after the afternoon class.  Please do not pick up your child in the middle of the Afternoon Program, as it interrupts both children’s learning experiences as well as the teachers' lessons.