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Cultivating All Nine Facets
of Your Child’s Intelligence

The Anneliese curriculum focuses on addressing and nurturing all nine of the multi-faceted components of your child's intelligence: logical, verbal, visual, musical, kinesthetic, inter-personal, intra-personal, naturalistic and existential. Our teachers work with a core curriculum that meets or exceeds the California standards, but they also have the freedom to expound upon the learning material generated by the interests of the students and the teachers. We are proud to provide your child with highly qualified and experienced multi-lingual teachers. While the average attrition for teachers is five years, many of our teachers have been at Anneliese Schools for 20 years or more.

Our curriculum includes the traditional/core subjects: math, language arts, social studies and science, as well as instruction in foreign language, the Arts, humanities and eco-literacy (environmental studies, gardening). Many parts of instruction are taught bilingually or enhanced with a foreign language.

Equally important to the curriculum is the teaching of our school’s core learning values, which include: perseverance, risk-taking, self-discipline, creative thinking, respect for the learning and teaching process, inquisitiveness, support and compassion for other learners, attentive listening, and acknowledging and learning from mistakes. These core learning values are actively taught and addressed on a daily basis to underscore and support the students' process of learning, as well as to support their understanding of their own development-as learners, thinkers and social beings.

It is central to our philosophy that children become critical thinkers, not passive consumers of knowledge. If they are curious about a subject beyond the curriculum, we try to nurture and cultivate it-even if it is at a higher level. If a child is in need of more challenging subject matter, we do not hold the child back. In fact, we embrace the opportunity to open the child's mind as much as possible.

While the school encourages the free spirit, it also sets high academic and behavioral standards. Thus, the classroom environment is animated but disciplined, engaging but contained. When given the opportunity, students recognize that ultimately they are responsible for their growth and learning. We begin to cultivate this sense of responsibility in the formative, preschool years and continue through grade six.

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