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“The wonderful memories that I have of growing up as an Anneliese's student are so numerous and diverse it's hard to know where to start. The sense of community and support is astounding... everyone is included, has a voice, and is treated with respect and compassion- from the tiniest kindergartener to the most experienced of teachers. I loved playing and studying with children so much older and younger than myself; and teachers were my friends and mentors, not strict authority figures. I know that these interactions at such a young age have left me with communication/people skills to last a lifetime.

When it comes to school subjects, of course the art projects stand clear in my mind: the murals, batiks, block prints, coil pots, Picasso portraits, Japanese calligraphy and so much more... But I also remember learning about simple cellular anatomy as a first grader, and writing a song with my entire 2nd grade class about respecting and loving the differences between all people on this earth. I can recall sitting with a teacher in the garden and rubbing rocks together to feel the heat, hence learning about friction first hand. I sang my times tables with all my schoolmates as a kindergartener in circle, made dolls out of found organic objects in the yard, and tried to understand the inner workings of the compost heap in the upper garden.

I could not have asked for, or found, a richer, more well-rounded experience. Sure, as a child it just seemed like another fun, interesting, and adventurous day... but when I look back now I realize more and more, that I was actually gaining confidence in myself, and life skills that have given me the ability to try to accomplish anything and everything I want to in this world.”

Kendra Bostwick


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“When I first brought my son, who had never drifted far from my side, to visit the bucolic campus of the Anneliese schools at Manzanita (when he was three) and he walked away from me into one of the labyrinthine gardens, I knew this was the school that, when he was old enough to attend, would nurture his soul and spirit. Since that time, both of my children have attended the Willowbrook and Manzanita campuses since the age of four, and have received an education that is both holistically and academically advanced. Surrounded by art, music, foreign language, plants and animals, they have grown, with the help of the Anneliese community of teachers, parents and adminstrators, into wise thinkers and good citizens, compassionate friends and children who remain hungry to learn. They know who they are in the world, and that is the most a parent could ask of an elementary education.”

Justine Amodeo
Coast Magazine 


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"As both a student and a teacher with Anneliese’s Schools I can hardly express all the myriad of ways in which it has improved how I understand the world. It ignited creative thinking in me at a young age and helped me in reading, writing, mathematics, and of course in foreign language. All this and more made my high school years more empowering and made my teaching more effective."

John Jameson
Anneliese Grade School Teacher
and Alumni