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The Anneliese Child

An Intelligent, Self-Motivated, Compassionate and Creative Individual

Anneliese Schools provide a unique educational experience, one that speaks not only to your child's intellect, but to their humanity, conscience and creativity as well. The compassionate and engaged quality of teaching, the inspiring physical environment of our campuses and the values that permeate our daily interactions as a community... All of these elements work together in the heart and mind of your child to create a humane and motivated individual.

Anneliese Schools foster your child's innate drive to learn and explore the world. We cultivate a sense of connection to each other and to our surroundings. Your child develops a sense of belonging to a nurturing community that remains with them throughout life.

The Anneliese Child is self-motivated and curious, with an appreciation for other cultures and languages. Children who graduate from Anneliese Schools have a strong sense of self and are often leaders who express social responsibility, as well as global and environmental awareness. They are deep thinkers and artistically sensitive, creative problem solvers who express empathy toward others.