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Founded in 1968, Anneliese Schools are dedicated to the idea that all children are capable learners who need to be challenged by their school to learn-and to be confident enough to take risks. Our goal is to bring out the very special talents of each child and to allow him or her to realize their highest potential.


A Message to Parents from Our Founder

Dear Parents,

As an educator I have noticed time and time again that children
who are free to learn without force and pressure from parents, become more confident and balanced people and prove to be successful in their careers and in social conditions. Children whose parents encourage
their learning but do not pressure, nudge but do not nag, feel that their parents trust them as learners.

In turn, children begin to take responsibility for their own learning and try their best at whatever academic and social situation they encounter in school. They want to do their best, not because they want parental approval, but because they have made a commitment to themselves. This intrinsic desire for learning comes from the child's inner resources. Parents need to learn to let these "inner" resources of the child emerge, which is why letting go of the pressure is so important.

I do not in any way suggest that parents remove themselves from their children's learning experience. On the contrary, parents should play an active role in the intellectual, creative and social development of the child and provide a rich, stimulating environment. This is different than putting pressure on the child to "do well in school." Children inherently flourish in an environment where love, support and encouragement are present.

The ultimate purpose of this message is to remind you to enjoy your children's wonderful development as they grow as human beings. Each child is born with a talent or a strength that we as educators and you as parents must discover and encourage. Every child is unique in their development; this includes reading, writing, and other cognitive processes. We must allow each child to unfold as both a human
being and a learner in their own time.

There is no finish line or "winner." A child who doesn't read until eight can become a great poet or doctor, or a child who only plays can become a great thinker or leader. We can raise intelligent, productive, balanced children if we give them a chance to find their own way, with their own rhythm--without the constant stresses and demands of parent "pushing" them to succeed.

Our greatest contribution as parents and educators is to raise children who have a wonder for life and a love for learning.

My Highest Regards,

Anneliese Schimmelpfennig